Tuesday, July 25, 2023


This Summer of 2023 marks my ten year anniversary of returning to Dungeons & Dragons as a hobby. In the summer of 2013, I was on vacation with my family at a beach house. I remembered playing the video game Gauntlet as a kid. I did some internet research on it.
Then I remembered what it was derived from: Dungeons & Dragons. Then I went down an internet rabbit hole of research. Back in 2013, the OSR was not quite over. I would say, it was just on the other side of its hey-day. I was swept up, and, because of the kind of person I am and because of waht fascinates me, I discovered the original game. I have now enjoyed hours of joy, terror, fun, play, entertainment as a player, and service to others as a referee.
I have something I share with my children, young in 2013, now almost out of the house. We "speak" D&D and we have grown formed in its culture.
I remembered an old friend I had played D&D with back in my youth. We grew apart in high school, and lost touch by college. I ran into him at his work place when moving back to my hometown. By coincidence, one of my new D&D regulars new him from his work as well. We invited him to play. After 30+ years, I was reunited to this old childhood friend through this amazing hobby. Now I play D&D with him as an adult almost every week. This hobby has breathed life back into a stressful world for me.
I am so thankful.
Fight on!


  1. :)))))))))))))))) thats an awesome thing man.

  2. Thank you for this blog. Your thoughts on Christendom and Traditional Legendaria inspire me. Do you continue your Perilous Realms articles?