Wildlands of Yawon

Perilous Realms Convention Campaign

In offering the Wildlands of Yawon I am attempting to give folks several things: the feel of an on-gong campaign across disparate convention sessions; wilderness exploration; mass combat; together with traditional dungeon crawling, etc.

I will offer this a couple of times at the NTRPGCon and at the Camp Allen Mini-Convention.


Welcome to the Dung Ages in the Wildlands of Yawon, a Convention Campaign set in the Perilous Realms!

The Wildlads of Yawon Convention Campaign provides a Sword & Sorcery setting with enough tongue-in-cheek non-seriousness to provide mild, humorous entertainment while keeping the focus on the game rather than the setting.

Wildernesses are dungeon-studded Demon-haunted Lands with a dash of gonzo whimsy.

Dungeons open Mythic Underworlds where Chaos is not so much Pure Evil but the kind of zany insanity that villains display in a good Hannah Barbera cartoon.

Settlements are Adventure Towns, many of which are Wretched Hives, some may be Uncanny Villages, and almost all have Dark Secrets.


Perilous Realms are the fay wilds of our own earth.
Yawon is a wilderness deep in the continent of Libya.
Lake N’yanzä forms Yawon’s eastern limit; in all 155 miles wide, 210 miles long. Yawon is about 110 miles north-south, east-west.
Hetched Wrive is a large city across the sea to the southeast in the Land of Nod, a wilderness filled with nomads and dervishes.
Empire of the Edge Lord Hoard lies to the south.
Art’fash Ockerknosh and other orc tribes war to the west.
Cozy Kingdom barely holds on to the north.
Goblin tribes wander and pillage by night.


Perilous Realms form a syncretistic mash-up of our medieval, ancient, mythological and fictional past in an anachronistic stew.
Diamond Aeon: Elder Powers or Eldritch Abominations?
Golden Age; The Powers form Terra to dwell in pleasure domes.
Dark Age, First; Fell creatures arise from abiogenesis and roam.
Silver Age: Fay creatures rule, elves assert hegemony
Dark Age, Second: Undead summoned; lycanthropy epidemic
Bronze Age: The rule of Ancient Men
The Dung Ages: Welcome, adventurers! You are here.


AGE 13+
Minors accompanied by adult
Avoid NSFW when minors present
Violence: R
Themes: PG-13
No dark stuff

20 playing characters at any given time
Max 8 at table any given session

6 hour convention games per session

To retire character with fame and fortune

Characters advance to retire.
Retirement builds economies that benefit future characters.
When characters retire, players create a new character at half the level of that of the retired, rounded down.
When characters die, players create new first level characters.

Characters advance by acquiring treasure

Treasure found hidden in dungeons and lairs.
Treasures kept safe by being hidden, placed in magical puzzles, trapped, guarded by monsters.
Dungeons and lairs found in wilderness.
Rumors and information about dungeons and lairs found in settlements.

Players acquire treasure for their characters by
Exploring lucrative sites
Mapping explored areas
Solving puzzles
Avoiding traps
Negotiating encounters through
Engaging in combat (best avoided)

Graph paper
Note paper

1.      Focus on fun
2.      Take it easy
3.      Stay present
4.      Play for the team
5.      Don’t cheat
6.      Follow referee’s rulings gladly
7.      Take a Break when any of the above become difficult

·       Pay for safe harbor
·       Restore hp
·       Restore spells
·       Replenish standard gear
·       Prepare to track resources & encumbrance
·       Seek rumors
·       Recruit troops
·       Prepare marching order

Character Information available at table or by request.


Eathel (Tres) the Veteran Fighting Man. Died heroically fighting a zombie. Last words: “?"
Osmond (CountingWizard) the Veteran Fighting Man. Died being bit by Scary Baby Doll. Last words: “That is not a real baby!”
Daphne of the Holy Apostles, (IrisMono) the Cleric Recruit. Turned into Wight by being killed by a wight. Last words: “Why didn’t it turn!” Set to rest by Par the Cleric of Law (IrisMono).
Zhivko (CountingWizard) the Veteran Fighting Man, died by spike on board trap. Last words: “I didn’t choose to step in.”

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: No Name the Veteran Fighting Man (Counting Wizard) died as chaotic character grabbing lawful magic sword. Last words: “if only I had had a chance to tell you my name . . ."

Fight on!

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