Saturday, February 3, 2018

Perilous Realms Campaign World Map

Above is my campaign-world map for the Perilous Realms medieval fantasy wargames campaign.

The Perilous Realms are my name for my own amalgamation of what I, in my limited knowledge, can amalgamate of various civilizations abstracted and anachronistically represented at their various heights but frozen somewhere between about 500 and 1,000 A.D. So, there is Aegyptus, but also the Holy Empire (Byzantium). There is Parthia (Persian), the great Central Kingdom (China), the Empire of the Sun (Japan), Shangri-La, Wudang, Old Araby, the Paladin Duchies of Westernesse, Logres, Libya, Nubia, Nod, and various wildernesses - even the Land of the Lost.

I base the map on some of the old Mappe Mundi of the ancient world, such as the following.

These were more detailed and "realistic" versions of the more abstract and theological Mappe Mundi that represented the three known continents in geometric and cosmographic relationship to each other. Note that these maps are "oriented": east is at the top of the map, as it is where the Sun rises.

Fight on!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Rolling Characters On-The-Fly

Armor, FM:

Weapons, FM: d6:
1 Magic Sword
2 Sword and Bow
3 Sword
4 Spear and Dagger
5 Club and Dagger
6 Club

Magic Sword on d6:
1 +3 Lightning
2-3 +2 Magic Missile
4-6 +1 Light

Armor, CL:

Weapons, CL:
High: mace
Low: club

CL: healing potion; turn undead (reminder)

MU d3:
1 Sleep
2 Charm
3 Light

Gold: 3d6, straight-up

Note: I used the above to roll-up the middle-schooler's characters on the fly so that I could drop them straight into play. It worked. Lots of fun.

Temple of Zaphron, Goddess of Frogs

Encounter Table d6
1-3    Kobolds      1d6
4-5    Skeletons    2d6
6       Merak

Merak the Unexpected
Phantasmal Forces

HD1/2 AC7 MV6
Formation: Shields, Spears, Darts

HD1/2 AC7 MV6
Shields, helmets, spears
Reassemble unless burned / crushed

1 Treasure Chamber

Pit trap, 10' immediately before the door

Chest, Treasure, Small, poison-needle on latch
1,500gp steel ring with adamant stone; weight 100pcs
2 Medium Diamonds 100 each (200 total); 4 Small Diamonds 50 each (200 total); 6 Small Rubies 50 each (300 total); 2 Small Pearls 50 each (100 total); 4 Small Sapphires 50 each (200 total); 2 Small Opals 50 each (100 total); gems total value 1Kgp; weight 200pcs
300gp; 400sp; total pcs value 500gp; weight 700pcs
Total value: 3Kgp
Total weight: 1Kpcs

Shield +1
Chainmail +1
Helmet +1
Sword +1: Windbiter (Common)
    Int: 8 Ego: 3, Empathy
    Detect Magic
    Detect Metal & What Kind
Dagger +1
Bow +1
Potion of Heroism
Potion of Invisibility
Scroll Protection Undead

2 Trick Exit Room

Two levers to left of large locked double doors
Lever Left Up: Green
Lever Right Up: Blue
Left  Down / Right Up: Green Lightning bolt
Left up / Right Down: Door open + Green Lightning bolt
Left Down / Right Down: Door open (no lightning)

3 Hidden Treasure Vault

Bucket, Acid, above secret door: avoidable if look up before entry

Chest, Treasure, Locked, Large
5K Brass Urn Studded with Tiger’s Eyes; weight 100pcs
Large Emerald 500gp; 4 Medium Diamonds 100each (400gp total); 2 Medium Topaz 50each (100gp total); total gems value: 1Kgp; weight 70pcs
1Kgp; 2Ksp; 4Kcp; total pcs value: 3Kgp; weight 7Kpcs
Total value: 9Kgp
Total weight: 7,170pcs

4 Connection

Empty: straw, mud
Merak flees through this room, gone by the time PCs unstick the door.

5 Tapestry Hall

Tapestry of Frog God Zaphron shooting green lightning bolts.
Unknown language says poem about Zaphron.

6 Merak’s Study

Merak (see above) attacks (if party noisy, Protection, from scroll, before arrival):
Sleep; Polymorph; Lightning; Phantasmal Forces
Leaves immediately upon taking damage: skips to phantasmal force as distraction; door stuck behind him.

Desk, chair, chez lounge, ash tray with cigar, side table with brandy snifter and glass; on Desk:

Parchment, ink-well, quill
lvl1 spell book, complete
Scroll Protection Magic
Scroll, Arcane: Detect Evil, Wizard Lock, Dispell Magic
Books, 3: Astrologous Minor, Herbiary Infernum, Amphibicon
Map to treasure: 3. Hidden Vault

7 Sanctuary of Zaphron

Door behind idol, stuck

Idol of hollow clay painted gold with two emerald eyes:
1K; 1K “The Eyes of Zaphron;” Magnetically attracted to one another; weight 100pcs each, 200pcs total

Pedestal triggers successive portcullises if treasure disturbed

Treasure chest with giant emerald latch serves as contribution basin
1K emerald latch (part of cask)
3K Frog Crown: Green Gold with Aquamarines; weight 100pcs
300gp; 300sp; 300cp; total pcs value: 525gp; weight 900pcs
Total value: 6,525gp
Total weight: 1,200pcs

Brazier of green fire
Doors, double, stuck

Portcullises left and right, two
Top left: empty; Bottom left: kobolds; Top right: skeletons; bottom right: empty


Just ran this for a middle school D&D club. I started them off in the main sanctuary, having already triggered the trap with kobolds bearing down. Instant combat. Had their attention! We rolled character information as we needed it! (I'll post how I did that in next post.) Next session: they explored and found the treasures / tricks. Final session: extraction with encumbrance issues (lucky kids had no random encounters!) Then we discussed character creation.

So, I went "backwards," and now they are hooked!

Next up: referees Workshop: Part I. Presenting; Part II. Preparing.

Fight on!