Friday, October 16, 2015

Fantasy Maps (B2 Players Map!)

Well, things have changed and developed much since my last post. In time I will return and attempt a little catch up. In the main, I post and discuss things on the various fora out there, because I get more immediate and helpful feedback. Blogging is a pretty silent thing. Find me and talk with me on these two fora:

Finarvyn's Original D&D Discussion


ThePerilousDreamer's OD&D Campaigns and House Rules Discussion

But I want to share some pictures with my forum buddies and I can't upload them to the fora unless they are somewhere on the inter webs: so here goes!

My players have found, so far, three treasure maps. So I decided to make good on it and deliver. I found some cool map paper at my FLGS. I also found this cool book online, "How to Create Great Fantasy Maps," from Draken Games. So I decided to put it to use!

This is my fantasy map version of B2, the Keep on the Borderlands. Because if is fantasy in style, with very little detail, it felt appropriate to share with players. They still have to find everything!

This is the version I gave my players. I call the K on the B, "Agnor Keep and Town," and the borderland is "Agnor March."

Here is the wilderness to the east of Agnor March. It is the Fay Wild of Dun Kells! (My main developed campaign wilderness setting.) I made a detailed hex map for myself. Again, this is the fantasy one for sharing with players. (Special thanks to the Mrs. for her fabulous elven-like hand writing!)

And, finally, here is the map I gave them for the entire "campaign world." It is an ancient medieval mappe mundi. Dun Kells is somewhere in Europe!

Share and enjoy!