Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Pig Languages for Zany Fantasy Settings

I devised the following Pig Fantasy Languages for my Wildlands of Yawon Con Campaign I am developing. (Ran it at our Camp Allen Mini Con and will run it again at the NTRPGCon.)

In this sub-setting of the Perilous Realms there is common plus 8 other languages.

1. Ancient (human)
2. Barbarian (human)
3. Elvish
4. Dwarfish
5. Fell (orcs, goblins, etc.)
6. Chthonic
7. Elemental
8. Celestial

No “Alignment languages.” I've replaced them with Chthonic, Elemental and Celestial, respectively.

With regards to some of the instructions below, note that sometimes I move entire first syllables, and not just first letters, to the end, to make the word sound more like a real language or to avoid every word starting with a vowel.

I found Pig Elvish, first, with a google search. Can’t tell who first came up with it so I can’t give proper credit. Sorry! From Pig Elvish and good old Pig Latin I have imagined the rest.

Pig Ancient (Human)
Igpay Atinlay

Pig Barbarian
Drop articles
Drop pronouns
No auxiliary verbs
Reduplicate first syllables of nouns
1 syllable words and verbs: append “um”
Orthography: ALL CAPS

Pig Elvish
1st letter to the end
3 letters or view: append “en”
4 letters or more: append random vowel
Change all Ks to Cs
Add umlauts to end and accent at will

Pig Dwarfish
1st letter to the end
3 letters or fewer: append “(z)ad”
4 letters or more: append “(‘)ka”
Change all Cs to Kh
Add apostrophes at will

Pig Orcish
As Pig Barbarian, above, and
appending and prefixing "(n)ash,” “(g)osh,” or “(g)ash” at will
Change all Cs to Ch, all Gs to Gh, Ks to Kh
Add apostrophes to separate excessive consonants

Pig Chthonic
1st letter to end
3 letters or fewer: prefix “(n)az”
4 letters or more: infix “(gh)ül”
Cs to Ch; Ks to Kh, Gs to Gh
Umlauts at will
Add apostrophes wherever necessary or fun

Pig Elemental
As Chthonic but
Prefix “(bo)ra”
Infix “rüm”
No other letter changes

Pig Celestial
As Chthonic but:
Prefix “La”
Infix “oo,” or “ü”
Use apostrophes to separate excessive vowels

Fight on!

(Image from link to: http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2012/08/pig-latin.html)

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