Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cartomancy for Role Playing Games


 heart, health, emotion, passion
♠︎ weapons, strength, intelligence, calculation
♣︎ wands/staves, magic items/artifacts, magic, action
♢ treasure, wealth, goals, desires


A: Singularity, whole, beginning
2: Dialogue, duel, dichotomy
3: Trinity, triad, triangulation
4: Corners, earth, foundation
5: Pentagram, Pentacle, Pentagon (magic)
6. Movement, strategy, warfare (HEX, of course!)
7. Holy, Sacred, Blessed
8. Stop (sign!), cessation, stagnation
9. Celestial, ethereal, primal
10. End, completion, ruin

Face Cards

J: Rogue, knave, problem (N)PC
Q: Eternal feminine, anima, major female (N)PC
K: Eternal masculine, animus, major male (N)PC

Joker (color, or upright): Risk, trust, faith, venture, amazing good fortune
Joker (b&w, or upside down): Foolishness, over-boldness, brashness, disaster, amazing misfortune


2-card reading: First card: context, second card: event or action.
3-card reading: First card: past, condition; Second Card: present state, current focus; Third card: future, goal, want, desire, plan.


Describing NPCs, determining NPC motives and plots, even PC backgrounds, if folks are interested.

Dice don't have to be the only oracle.

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