Monday, November 24, 2014

Maps and plans from my children

"Preparation for the campaign: The referee bears the entire burden here, but if care and thought are used, the reward will more than repay him." (M&M p. 5)

"At any time a player/character wishes he may select a portion of land (or a city lot) upon which to build his castle, tower, or whatever . . . Each player who builds should draw an extra set of plans and specifics for the referee." (U&WA p. 20).


  1. Hey, these are really great, Nathan! A veritable labyrinthine maze, a most-excellent tower suitable for any name-level lord or wizard, and a spooky tower to sit atop said labyrinth! Truly wonderful places to adventure!

    Kudos to your children, Sir!

  2. Does that wizard have MAGICAL RAYS beaming from his eyes?? 'Cause that would be AWESOME!